Of Drive-Thru and Take-Away Places

Thanks bagprinting.co.uk for this nice take-away bag photo. 🙂

This is my first entry for this blog so I might as well write something positive.

I haven’t cooked for a while since that pancit-turned-biko incident and  I’ve been relying on take-aways and drive thrus most of the time.  For breakfast, it still is Mcdo’s big breakfast for me with brewed coffee.  Of all the McDo drive thrus, my favorite is the one  located in Eastwood near Shopwise 🙂 Why?  They don’t scrimp on extras like sugar, creamer or catsup.   Same experience from Burger King Marcos Highway.   

I also adore Yellow Cab SLEX, located at the Caltex Station near Sta. Rosa toll going further south. 🙂 They are always okay with my weird requests. For instance,  “Easy on the chili for my Jacky Chan pasta and separate the peanuts, please.”  They usually put the peanuts in a separate container and give me extra chili flakes packets. 🙂

SuperBowl staff in Festival Mall are also so friendly.  I prefer to wait for my take-aways in the waiting area or I’d end up smelling like chinese-food which would be likely if  I do wait inside the resto.  They give me the usual bowl of crackers even though I’m not dining in. And, if I beg off  — oh yes, it is embarrasing to munch on crackers while in the waiting area with lots of passers by — they insist on packing the crackers with my take away anyway.  I appreciate that.

Another fave is Savory Resto in Robinson’s East.  I ordered a whole chicken one time for take-away and asked if their gravy (which is yum really!!) has any pork thing in it … the waitress said she is not sure but most probably it does … and went like …” i’ll throw in another pork-free sauce with your take-away just in case you decide you don’t like pork in your gravy” 🙂  Cool huh?

A nice delivery experience is with Pizza Hut.  I got pizza and some stuff delivered to my Mom’s house one time.  The delivery guy was so nice and very subtly solicited for business — i.e.  Ma’am, if you would like pizza in the future, please call us again — now, now … for people who man the counters, that is a normal line (as in scripted complete with the inflection,plastic  smile and wave ) but  how many delivery guys do that “sales” pitch?    In my experience,  he has been the only one!

I always tell myself that when I put up my own biz — which I hope soon, I’ll hunt these nice people down and offer them a job. I so admire people who have the initiative to go the extra mile. I hope their current employers realize how lucky they are for having these people on their team.


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