To Watch or Not to Watch

Thanks Kulasa friends for the photo.

I’m still trying to figure if watching part 1 of the movie version of the fourth book of the Twilight Saga is a good idea.  I didn’t watch part 1 of Harry Potter 7 when it was shown last year — I ended up not watching both HP 7.1 and 7.2.  Heck, I haven’t gotten around to watching them even with copies in my hard drive. Probably, I’m in denial.  I have loved HP since i discovered it. It was a running joke with my MBA sisters that single ladies who read it would soon be in a relationship.  Haha. I was so single then and so was one of my closest sis.  We read the book  and bam … she is now happily married while I got happily committed. 🙂

But, I so digress.  My bone of contention about Breaking Dawn is that it will surely be “bitin”. Sure I’ve read the book — actually i have the entire Twilight Saga set so it’s not like I will really be “bitin”.  Seriously, though, I want to watch the movie version entirely and once and for all close the Twilight chapter of my life and obssess about other things.

3 days to go to Premiere Night, 4 days to regular screening.



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