Bowl of Minestrone

Thank you for the photo

There is something very comforting about eating soup.   I had so much fun at Soup Kitchen in Glorietta where they featured several soups everyday which you could eat solo or with bread (white, rye, wheat etc).     The area where it was located was later closed for renovation due to the bomb blast a few years back. I wonder if Soup Kitchen  relocated somewhere but as far as I know there is no more SK — at least in Makati. Or, how the hell should I know, I really don’t go to Makati that much except for business.

Restaurants thrive in Manila…after all, Filipinos love to eat.  But, it is totally understandable if SK’s business tanked . First,  a bowl of soup and a slice of bread could cost a clean PhP150 to PhP200 and this was years ago.  Knowing Filipinos … who love a good bang for their buck … it is likely they would take their money elsewhere like to a quarter pounder.  Second,  Filipinos are a rice-eating bunch. Operative word? Rice. So, noodles or pastas may not really be that attractive regardless of the same carb content. Third, the Philippines has a tropical climate.  Okay,  hot and humid in most days.  So why the hell would anyone eat soup unless you want to sweat some more?

Seriously,  in my visits at SK … I noticed that  there are more foreigners than locals and the resto was rarely full even during meal rush hours.  That’s how relatively unpopular the resto was.

That’s just an intro … during my migraine attack last night … I can’t help but wished for a hot bowl of minestrone.   This is a simple clear soup with lots of vegetables.  It is easy to cook too.  But, maybe costly and time consuming because the recipe calls for a lot of things …zucchini, beans, carrots, lentils, tomatoes, cabbage, potato, bits of baco and ham, pasta, onions, cheese  and so on.  Just thinking of the pare work here is scary.

In a nutshell, I wouldn’t dare cooking a Minestrone. Not in the near future.

Meanwhile, let us just say that I have a resto which serves consistently awesome Minestrone —  MONA LISA in Alabang. 🙂  Even their version trumps that of good reliable CIBO.    Mona Lisa’s minestrone needs no fresh pepper or anything.  It is super good. I swear. 🙂

Sheesh, I am now craving.


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