Samsung Galaxy Y and Acer Aspire One

Loving it!

I’m not really a techie person and I’m not even obssessed about technology like most kids (or people) are these days.

I have a Nokia 6600 that I’ve had for 7 years and 3 months and another Nokia which will turn 1 1/2 years this January.   I don’t really need applications-rich phone. I don’t hover much on phones anyway. As long as I can text, I can call and I can take pics — I’m good.

But my Nokia 6600 has been acting up in the last 2 years — probably more. The joystick (is that what you call it?) has lost the capability to do backspace — something I can live without and can totally deal with with a few minor adjustments.    The more compelling reason I’m mulling about buying a replacement is that its speakers sometimes fail, it conks out, it reboots and it hangs. Not really frequently though but irritating nonetheless.

For my lean purposes, I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy Y which is P6,490 only. Extremely cheap for a touch phone.  Not entirely technology up there but geesh…if I can talk, text and pic (occassionaly) — then this is fine with me. 🙂

Next, I want an iPad2 (in honor of Steve Jobs!!) but for my purposes again a netbook would be more preferable. Now, if I were just to surf, view and watch … iPad2 would be cool. But, my purpose involves a lot of writing — hardcore, hours-on-end kind of writing!   So, I’d prefer a physical keyboard that does all funny noises when I’m in a writing/typing frenzy. 🙂  The most practical netbook that fits my purposes is Acer Aspire worth P14,999.  2GB DDR3 memory on Intel Atom processor and  500 GD storage. Small. Clean. Elegant. A powerhouse of tech features to boot. A great plus would be the  existence of an Acer service center near where I live so in case of any weird things, it would relatively easy for me.    The current netbook I share with my bf is a Dell, whose battery has been acting up also.   Unfortunately, the battery has to be ordered somewhere and costs P6,000.  Hello?  A whole netbook is P14,900 and a battery is P6,000?

So, later … hello Samsung Galaxy Y and Acer Aspire One (I hope they have the red one!) 🙂

ps.  It is totally a coincidence that Derek is the model for Acer.  Yeah, right.


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