Uncle Cheffy’s @ Solenad 2

Photos courtesy of moi! 🙂

I was blown away by Solenad 2 — I haven’t been to this place. Sure I did see this place while it was still under construction. But not  with all the lights and everything. It is fairly new with a few opened restos and stores including Army Navy, Frutti Froyo, LZM, Seafood Island, Gerry’s Grill, Aerosoles, Bench, ALDO (liquidation), Payless, Stoked blah blah blah.  Then of course over at the original Solenad 1,  there are the usual nice and reliable eating places like Clawdaddy Crisostomo, David, Yellow Cab, Brothers, Conti’s, Italiannis and the newest — Uncle Cheffy.

My bf and I decided to try Uncle Cheffy and was both surprised by the experience.  My bf,  no matter how strongly he denies it, is picky in the sense that he finds it hard to spend for something ordinary.  So,  getting his vouch of approval for Uncle Cheffy is really elating .  It is relatively cheaper too.  For a salad, Memphis BBQ and Seafood Panizza, Green Shake and Iced Tea — our bill totaled only P1,029. Amazing deal considering the burps and the take outs.

I’d definitely go back there and try other items on the menu. 🙂


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