Union Bank of the Philippines Sucks Big Time

A month ago i had this episode with UBP where they didn’t approve my request  for a waiver of the P500 late charge fee.  Fine.  It was someone else’s fault and this someone will have to pay this late charge, anyway. My experience with BIGGER, MORE PROFESSIONAL and  INTERNATIONAL BANKS like CITIBANK AND HSBC were far more pleasant,  these BIG banks waive late fees especially since I don’t really have any record of paying late.  Call it goodwill. UBP, on the contrary, said NO because there was no lapse in their delivery — translation — it wasnt their fucking fault so I better suck it up. 

A newer episode occured this morning when I opened my billing statement to find out that I was being billed for 2 purchases that SHOULD be billed after the 3rd billing cycle — in other words … sometime February or  March 2012.   Damn!  I called their Customer Service to report this —  and she went to explain merchant codes blah blah blah — honestly girl, you were making a sound but I can’t understand a  word you were saying.   Wala akong pakialam sa usapan nyo ng merchant at mga punyetang codes but I made my purchase because of that PAY AFTER 3 MOS PROMO!  Translation,  it is not my fucking fault also.  So you better remove those charges from my billing this December or I will rant about your company like crazy!

UBP is such a major disappointment. I have 12 credit cards.  I maintain the UBP card primarily because it is affiliated with my school … but if you continue being SO BULOK and so GANID — mind you … our company’s payroll is with them and while the other half which is with BPI  credits salary as soon as reasonable even advanced sometimes like when payday lands on a Saturday — BPI already credits salary by Friday.   UBP, on the other hand,  credits salary on  the exact payday — come what way. There is really nothing illegal about it but… IT IS JUST INFLEXIBLE AND DOWNRIGHT INCONSIDERATE!  WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF GOING THE EXTRA MILE?  

I will just finish paying off all my current purchases and that would be it between UBP and me.  You say you are world class?  YOU DEFINITELY ARE NOT.

ps.  It is not even convenient to pay your UBP bill. Bleck!


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