Alabang Medical Center for Rabies Shots

I discovered Alabang Medical Center (AMC) when I was in dire need of anti-rabies and anti-tetanus shots last April 17 — when my cat accidentally scratched me.

The first hospital I went to was Sta. Rosa Medical Center, the nearest hospital to my house.  Unfortunately, they ran out of anti-rabies vaccines. Summer is some sort of bite/scratch season for some reason. I went to Asian Hospital and almost got a serious heart attack when the estimated first treatment was calculated to be P51k and the succeeding shots (there are 4 more shots, i believe) at about P25k per shot (was it more? i can’t remember).  Then I tried Ospital ng Muntinlupa, which was a few steps away Asian. Though I might not get a heart attack there because of the lower price (just assuming because I never got to asking), I might get one as the environment as I remember it was noisy (there was a child wailing — can’t blame him though cause he was about to get an injection) and the facilities are generally in need of scrubbing. So, I went inside the ER and out in a flash. I got a recommendation for RITM – Research Institue for Tropical Medicines (or something like that) but got a warning that if I didn’t like Osmun then I wouldn’t like RITM either — environment-wise.  Oh sheep.

I remembered Alabang Medical Center which is along Alabang Zapote Rd. No prior experience from this hospital but seriously? I need an anti-rabies shot fast. It was worth a try considering the lack of further options.

AMC turned  an otherwise hopeless and uncomfortable experience to a pleasant one. Here are the whys:

1.  Facilities are generally clean and spacious.  It’s still no Asian Hospital though so lower your expectations a bit.

2.  The hospital is pretty quiet.  I was the only patient that time — all eyes on me! 🙂

3.  Doctors and staff are nice and attentive.

4.  The attending physician (AP) took the extra care to write down the dates of my anti-rabies shots. Some would probably write “shots for 3rd, 7th, 4th day of bite”; but, the AP wrote the exact dates — maybe he thought i’d get my counting messed up.  Well, I’d be likely to so I appreciate him spoon feeding me with the dates.

5.  The AP recommended that to cut costs I should buy the vaccine from Mercury Drug and come to the ER to have it administered instead of going to the ER directly. His recommended course of action would cost me about P1,689.50 (1629.50 for the vaccine, P60 for ER fee).  He said that I can even have the vaccine administered by a company nurse or doctor which would eliminate the ER fee.  If I go directly to ER, however,I would spend P2,760 (P2,700 for the vaccine, P60 for ER fee).

6.  The ER staff are empowered to recommend cost-cutting measures.  I went there yday to have my 4th dose administered.  For the past 2 doses, I was buying from Mercury and seeking the help of our company doctor to administer the shots. But yday, there was no company doctor because of the labor holiday. I was prepared to pay the P2,760 when the ER staff told me I could buy at the hospital pharmacy and have it administered in the ER. This would cost less than P2,760. He estimated that the vaccine at the pharmacy will cost only P2,100 thereabouts (or P600 less than if I let ER handle everything).  So, I went to the hospital pharmacy prepared to pay P2,100.  To my surprise, the pharmacist asked me what the going price at Mercury for the vaccine and charged me that … P1,629.00 (I even forgot the P0.50). Wow.

7. There are no queues in the ER nor in the cashier.

I was out of AMC under 15 minutes (more or less) for my shot. 🙂  The process was totally painless — well, except for the injection itself.

Kudos to AMC. 🙂 I would keep you guys in mind just in case I need ER services in the future … though I hope not. 🙂


35 thoughts on “Alabang Medical Center for Rabies Shots

  1. Di ko alam if maarte ka lang or mayaman na kuripot or nagpapanggap n mayaman ?

    Syempre mahal sa asian hospital . Kung di ka mayaman wag k n magtanung dun except sa may healthcard ka .

    2nd, public hosp ang osmun kaya syempre ano aasahan mo sa environment. E di naging maarte ka.

    Ikaw b nmn mag switch ng ambiance from asian to osmun ? Tignan mo naging reaksyon mo naging laitera

    1. Apparently wala kang alam. I remember saying Osmun needs some scrubbing. Yes, because Scrubbing is not a luxury, it is a necessity especially for medical facilities…whether public or private.

      And for the record, iba ang “mahal” at iba ang “obscene”. I go to AH for my medical needs and I don’t use a healthcard. I don’t feel shortchanged because i know Im paying for the best consults. But for rabies meds and several injections and to pay more than 100k for that when i can be treated the same with less than 15K. Hello? Hindi ako maarte at lalong hindi ako tanga.

      This blog is about me as a consumer. I want to think of myself as a smart one. If you don’t get the point of this blog, please find another page more appropriate for your intelligence..or the lack thereof.

    1. dear chuchay,

      i hope your mom already got her shots. i don’t exactly know how much but i’d venture a guess and say it is way below what private hospitals would charge. i think my friend got his daughter’s shots for just under P5,000 and that’s 5 shots already, which is typical.

      let me know how your mom is doing. 🙂

      1. Hi Hans. Sorry I’ve been checking my blog almost everyday but I didn’t see your comment before. Kaya late answer. There must be something wrong with my settings. Anyway, most hospitals have anti rabies protocols/treatments. Pero kung nasa muntinlupa ka na rin, mag RITM ka na. Mas mura dun. I heard mga 3k lang for the whole series of injections. Sa private kasi mga 1,600 ata isang shot. You need about 5 spaced in 0 days, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days (parang ganun basta 5 times ka babalik).

        I hope u r alright.

  2. Just today i received a word from my father that my niece was bitten by our dog. I dont knw the extent of the bite nor the bruise. My mother is now at RITM and I am here in KSA waiting for some news back home. I tried calling their numbers posted but none was reachable. I hope my niece is doing fine so they can go back home for rest. They have been there since 11AM today and its 730PM now as of this writing. Im kind of worried.

    1. It shouldn’t take that long. I mean 11am to 730pm? Pet dogs have a slimmer tendency of getting rabies. Rabies are mostly in wild animals and strays. But having injections (anti rabies and anti tetatus) would be better, I guess.If you find RITM problematic, Alabang Med offers reasonable anti rabies protocols. Less than 10k, convenient/less hassle. Just go to the ER. I hope your niece is okay.

  3. Hi…yesterday(sept.22) i went to RITM.
    Nakagat ako ng dog ko sa gilid ng ear at head part po ito.
    First,i paid 125 for the PF.Then yung DAY O ko na shot is PURIFIED INACTIVATED RABBIES. It’s 531.
    May dapat pa iturok sakin.the HUMAN RABIES IMMUNOGLOBULIN on the 3rd day.It’s 14,476.WOW!
    May doctors/nurses na ng-advice sakin na ilapit sa SOCIAL WELFARE na nasa 2nd floor ng bulidng nila.(ANIMAL BITE CENTER).
    Pagdating ko dun,may nakausap ako sa SOCIAL WELFARE.she asked me what happend,sang part ako nakagat etc.She asked me how much daw ba kaya ko madalang pera,or how much dala ko.(we’re talking about the HRI na 14k plus.) i said gawan ko ng paraan ang 3k.ok daw.
    So…ano yun? Then i found out na it’s for free naman daw(accrdng sa nurses at doctors at other patients).buti di pako nglalabas ng money.Willing nman ako magbayad,basta tamang wag yung libre sa iba,tapos sakin may bayad? May nagpayo pa sakin pumunta daw ako dun ng gutay2x damit.kaloka.if it’s for free so be it.Tom i will go back there.makikiusap ako na tanggapin kahit 500 ko.sayang din.pwede ko na ipang-donate sa rescued animals yung extra money ko.,

    1. Wow. 14k?

      RITM is supposed to provide cheap rabies medication. I am not sure lang dahil medyo unique ang case mo kasi ear at gilagid. But 14k is mahal. And kung nababawasan pala,depende sa ayos mo at dalang pera, parang may hindi tama.

      Next time, get the names of these people. You ask them directly for their names. Baka matakot. Kung nakuha mo na, it is up to you if you want to report them para makatulong ka sa future na magpapagamot.

      I hope u r ok na. Do not forget ur shots according to the schedule. Importante un.

    2. Halaaaa parang naloko ata kami. Nakagat din brother ko sa lips naman pusa kumagat. Sobrang dumugo kasi malalim e. Tapos dinala sa RITM, gumastos kami ng almost 16k. 😦

      1. Huwat?

        My husband got his shots from there. Pero minor scratch lang na nagbleed. More or less P5000 lang all in all. That was 5 years ago.

        Baka mas mahal sa brother mo dahil serious bite?


        1st shot. Anti rabies, anti tetanus shots
        2nd to 5th shot, Anti rabies shots

        Isang rabies shot sa kin sa Alabang Med due to scratch ay mga P1k – P2k. Anti tetanus is just under P500.

        Hindi ko alam bakit naging P16k sa brother. Pa explain mo siguro. Walang masama magpa explain. Lalo na at medyo malaki ang amount involved.

        I hope okay na brother mo. Good luck.

  4. Hi 🙂
    Nakagat po ako ng pusa ngyong umaga, need ko bang pumunta ngyong araw din sa hospital or pwede hnggang bukas ng umaga. Hinugasan ko naman ng mabuti ang kagat. Naka schedule ako today sa DFA.

    1. It is advisable to go to the doctor asap. Depends on the wound, some can develop infection really fast.

      I would be torn too if I have a DFA appointment. Kung pwedeng unahin mo magpa doctor muna, the better. Most hospitals have rabies protocols. Mabilis lang yun.

      Pero kung ipit ang oras mo, sa akin lang to ha baka hindi applicable sa iyo, kung housepet ko ang pusa (meaning malinis siya) at hindi naman super bite, I will go first to DFA then straight to the doctor. Pero huwag na ipagpabukas.

    1. Hi. I got minor scratches from a stray cat last night lang. Medyo nag swell kasi tinalunan niya ko ( pababa siya from the top of our cabinet). May ni-refer sakin friend ko, Animal Bite Center sa Las Piñas. Ano yung in-inject sa inyo? PVRV (Purified Vero Rabies Vaccine – Php 625) yung in-administer sakin plus TAT (Tetanus Antitoxin – Php 250) . Pero kung hindi ko na daw ma oobserbahan yung cat( kasi nakatakas na siya) kailangan daw nilang i-administer din sakin yung ERIG(Equine Rabies Immunoglobulin – Php 2,500/vial). Possible kaya na sa RITM na lang din ako mag pa inject ng ERIG? Baka kasi mas mababa. May contact po kayo sa RITM?

      1. I honestly do not know that there were 2 types of anti rabies pa. I just got the Verorab variant.

        A lot of people say RITM is cheap. Go na there. But I advise you to call muna (check out their website for phone numbers) and go there early. I heard the line of patients can be pretty long.

        Stay safe.

    2. Hello po. Nakagat din po ako ng stay cat sa daliri nung March 1, 2018, dumugo at namaga for 4 days pero now nag he-heal na siya pero nandun pa din yung bite marks niya.
      Is it trie na all shots po is free? Conplete shots na po ba yun and ilan beses po kayo pinabalik dun to complete the vaccine shots for free? Gusto ko po kade mag pa injection dun and hoping na maka free din or makamura. Kase i heard din na yung syringes lang din yung babayaran dun. Please reply po or anyone.

      1. Hi. May bayad pero mas mura kaysa sa hospital. May mga animal bite centers yata na libre at very minimal ang charges. Search mo sa google.

        Magpainject ka na ng anti rabies. Delikado lalo na at stray cat. Magpacheck up ka na. Now na!

  5. Hi. I got minor scratches from a stray cat last night lang. Medyo nag swell kasi tinalunan niya ko ( pababa siya from the top of our cabinet). May ni-refer sakin friend ko, Animal Bite Center sa Las Piñas. Ano yung in-inject sa inyo? PVRV (Purified Vero Rabies Vaccine – Php 625) yung in-administer sakin plus TAT (Tetanus Antitoxin – Php 250) . Pero kung hindi ko na daw ma oobserbahan yung cat( kasi nakatakas na siya) kailangan daw nilang i-administer din sakin yung ERIG(Equine Rabies Immunoglobulin – Php 2,500/vial). Possible kaya na sa RITM na lang din ako mag pa inject ng ERIG? Baka kasi mas mababa. May contact po kayo sa RITM?

    1. Ang tagal na nun ah.

      I read that rabies could develop after months or years so baka pwede pa. If you are in constant contact with pets, pwede sigurong preventive na rin yun di ba? Maybe the doc can shed more light on this.

  6. Hello,

    My friend got bitten by my dog. We went to an Anti Rabies Clinic for the shots… I’m not so sure but the shots (total of 4 shots) will cost me 600 each… and there’s this shots for the wound that costs me 1,800/bottle and this is based on the weight of the patient so in total, we will consume 3 bottles, a total of 5,400… is this necessary? the shots in the wound? thanks.

    1. 5,400 is reasonable esp if in private hospital. This would include a series of anti rabies shots and 1 anti tetanus. Required lahat.

      Cheaper yata sa RITM, Alabang. It might be too far and maraming patients.

      Get well soon to your friend.

  7. Hi,
    My brother got bitten by my mom’s pet dog who has his cage outside the house. Apparently my brother was feeding him when the chicken fell off his hand, he was trying to reach the food, when the dog bit him. Maybe the dog was thinking he was trying to take it from him. This happened on Tuesday. He went to RITM but said to come back on Saturday because it is already Holy week.
    What to do? He couldn’t afford private hosp. Please help. Thanks

    1. Hi Marielle. Sorry to hear about your brother. If you read my special on rabies, there is a prescribed way to clean the wound. So sana, nagawa ng brother mo yun.

      As in any bite case, the victim should be treated IMMEDIATELY because the effects of rabies is irreversible. Maybe you can inquire in public health centers near you or bite centers. It might be an option.

      Or maybe, your brother can take the initial shot in a private hospital then the succeeding shots in RITM. Ask the doctor if that’s okay. Mga P2,000 yun siguro anti-rabies plus anti-tetanus.

      Maybe the good news is that the dog is your pet and it is caged. What are the chances that it has rabies? Baka naman mababa or wala kasi it doesn’t feed on dirty stuff like garbage and do not rough house with possibly infected dogs. Normal behavior ba ang pet mo now? Or medyo weird? That would be a clue of rabies.

      Pero if I were you, ipapangutang ko na at dadalhin ko na sa doctor si brother. Once it is rabies, hindi na po yun nagagamot.

      Good luck.

      ps. My opinion only based on what I’ve read about rabies and personal experience.

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