Lip Balm And Then Some …


I have been battling dry and chapped lips for some time.  I have tried a lot of products — branded, natural,  medical and the like.  Nothing worked. So I stopped altogether thinking I’m wasting money.  Reports that some products that are supposed to cure in fact make matters worse to keep people hooked on the product. Sick, isnt it?

However, I am a user of Maybelline for some time. It is probably one of the most reliable brands i like. I’m using Maybe’s face powder and blush.  So, aside from the color of the packaging — cherry red, I impulsively grabbed a Maybelline Bloom Lipbalm/Lipbalm — in Peach Blossom. It changed my life. It is the only lip product which I can swear my life by. It actually works.  Wonderful. Wonderful.

Anyone who has some problems w/ their smackers …. this is worth a try. 🙂



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