Two Thumbs Up for Uncle Cheffy’s Panizza


Seafood Panizza                            Top Blade Steak                     Uncle Cheffy Salad

I’ve tasted better steak and salad that’s for sure. However, if you find yourself in Nuvali, you must try Uncle Cheffy … if only for their panizza. The only other panizzas I’ve tasted are from Yellow Cab and Mona Lisa but, in my opinion, Uncle Cheffy’s is more memorable.

There’s nothing fancy about the toppings. They are just what they are according to the menu … seafood…the usual…some shrimps, some mussels and some pink stuff I’d guess as salmon or tuna.  It comes with arugula, lettuce and salsa.  Just simple elements that fuse together in one amazing burst of yummy! 🙂

Members of the staff are very friendly and helpful.  Service is amazingly fast.  We got our orders in under 15 minutes – I was expecting more because of the steak and panizza — and even with almost all tables taken.


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