Driver License Renewal

Horror of horrors … I was due for license renewal last June.  I hate renewing licenses. Why? The urine collecting (a.k.a. drug testing) part doesn’t sit well with me. Seriously. My past 2 experiences of renewing were horrible by my standards.  The bathroom where you collect urine stinks — yes — there was no lavatory cause there are people who would taint their samples, i think. and of course there is no flush. and they are for unisex use. uggghh and ew. 

The idea of this urine collecting thing somehow compelled me to seek alternative urine collecting methods … and boom … I went to a hospital and got my drug test there. 🙂 For the same fee as that  charge by the usual LTO-partner drug testing center, about P350,you get a cleaner bathroom and get a more pleasant experience.

Although, i have to take the medical part of the testing in the LTO-partner center. No biggie though … it was actually stupid. The “doctor” actually asked me what my blood pressure was — hey, i thought you’re the doctor here — then ask a few routine questions — i would guess … and i got the coveted signature of approval. if all medical checks are like these … there should be no wonder why there are plenty of vehicular accidents in the metro. it was lame at best — for P250– i wouldn’t complain. i would also not want to some poking and touching. ew.

So, with the tests covered, i set off for the finale … the application itself.  and because of reliable 3rd world internet connection <sarcastic to the max> the supposedly 1 hour tops renewal process — probably lesser in my case cause i have the drug test ready — stretched to a full 8 hours. 

Take away: If you hate the stinky bathrooms of LTO-partner drug test centers –  go to a hospital. In my case, I went to Asian Hospital — bathroom clean, experience pleasant.

Go the LTO early or really late to avoid the rush.  Check the weather too … internet connections are likely to falter during bad weather … then you’ll be stuck and wait for their systems to go online again!

Don’t forget your old LTO license receipts and your old drivers license. You have to submit them.

And unless you are a stickler for accuracy — stick to your old details especially addresses and surnames.  I was told the changes cost extra and entail some waiting time for the release of the license. 🙂

see you LTO after 3 years. 🙂



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