Online Purchases

I wasnt a fan of buying online because of various scares such as phishing, hacking or info theft.  This all changed, however, when I bought a kindle e-reader which requires online purchases from Amazon. I recently bought an ipad and, yes, i have to buy in the iTunes store. Hence, more online purchases.

As a matter of security, I only use my corporate credit card (i.e. one that is issued by the company as part of my compensation).  The credit limit for this card is the lowest (i.e. P15,000 thereabouts) among my credit cards so if hell happens, such as unauthorized purchases from thieves, my exposure or liability would be manageable unlike using my personal credit card with a limit of P100,000, right?

Soon, i think buying online would be the norm.  Might as well be open about the idea.  But, remember security measures such as what kind of credit card you use.  Also,  be sure the site where you are buying from is trusted or using various security measures such as encryption and stuff. Think verizon and paypal.

If I can help it, I’d stay away from ebay. My friend has been vicitmized a lot of times. For instance, receiving substandard products (i.e. scratches and washed out color) for shoes that were so mighty photogenic. Worst experience,  when she downed P9,000 for an ipad which already has a confirmed shipping receipt..only to find out that the seller recalled the shipment the moment the money got credited into his/her account.

Be vigilant. 🙂




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