From Plastic to Brown Bags

I totally support this SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT philosophy.  

Everyone has been using plastic bags for the longest time…in groceries and in shopping, especially.  I think it is safe to say that establishments have had their share of transition pain with regard to the transfer to brown bags or whatever reusable bags.

Personally, I have had my own share of headaches with these brown bags.  Some tear easily, some have bottoms that were not sturdy enough to hold a sandwich, some have been too thin they dissolve with a drop of precipitation (and yes, your saliva probably).  In the end, consumers would ask for double packaging to ensure that what they bought would safely make it home.  Hell, i hate to pick up groceries in the middle of  the parking lot. 🙂  Maybe establishments thought that they can get away with settling for cheaper (hence substandard) bags.  But the double packaging probably cost them more.  These days, I see more and more brown bags made of thicker materials and sturdy bottoms (that is, the bottom flaps are glued together securely). 

Now, my major pet peeve about these brown bags are their lack of handles.  It wouldn’t work with most groceries but what about for other items? Consider this.  Yesterday, I went to Robinson’s Metro East.  I bought a new table cloth and some place mats.  These items were all packed in one brown bag and since the place mats are longer than the length of the brown bag, a 10th of the mats are showing  at the open end of the bag. I actually asked for a larger brown bag but the bagger told me that that size was the biggest (doesn’t look like it though).   It would have been okay because my purchase was relatively light BUT I had to pick up take-away food from a nearby resto which also uses brown bags without handles. 

So there I was scurrying to the car like a mouse because my arms and my hands felt like giving up any minute with the combined weight of my puchases. I can’t help but think it was much easier with the plastic bags when you can hold all your purchases together in one hand because they have handles and, boy, were they sturdy!

Just a thought, there are biodegradable plastic bags available.  In fact, I buy these types for lining my trash bins. Ocean Park stores has been using such bags when I went there way back in 2006. Maybe establishments in Manila could give it some thought. I mean, they should be consumer centric, right? 

It is incumbent upon the establishments to provide packaging for items bought from them.  Don’t tell me that I have to bring my own shopping bag. That would be my option.


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