Confessions of a Massage Addict

I have few guilty pleasures. Aside from books, on which i indulge so much, i love getting massages. I’ve tried airport massages, those of the visually-impaired or normal peeps, in Baguio, in Tagaytay, in Palawan, in Cebu… actually, wherever and whenever I can. My work is not particularly that stressful but i always do my 110% best in everything i do, so i am neurotic even with the easiest assignments. Hence, i always am in knots. This may be why i so love massages.

Being in the Sta. Rosa area, the usual decent hang out is Nuvali. Yesterday, because i have too much time in my hands, i decided to do some ME time. In addition to a foot spa, pedicure and a hair spa, i gave iSPA a try (see attached flyer for menu of services). I got the Vernal Equinox Relaxing Full Body Massage. Here’s my review:



Small, clean, smelled of menthol, nice ambient lights, linens smell of sunshine (as opposed to fabric softeners). A reasonable space with moderately heavy curtains for client privacy. There was a small lobby for reception and where foot spas are done. An adjacent room with 4 cubicles for full body massage clients. I don’t know where chair massages are done though.

* I didn’t feel icked or squeamish about disrobing and getting covered by their towels or even wearing their massage shorts. Or even using their bathroom. That means, i found the spa clean.


In scrubs. Friendly and helpful.

My attendant bothered to ask if her hand pressure was alright and she wore a surgical mask – which is super fine with me. 🙂 i wasn’t able to check if she was wearing socks with her scrub uniform. I think socks are important cause attendants will climb on the massage bed and will ride your back/legs at some point.


90 mins exact. No skimping on the massage oil. Complimentary tea after.

* I love their honesty for giving 90 mins. I have had experiences where attendants cut a few minutes here and there like i wouldn’t notice. Ha!

I also love the unli massage oil. Okay, i have had experiences where attendants would really skimp on the oil. For crying out loud, the oil comes with the service. Otherwise, they should advise clients to bring our own oil.

I didn’t drink the free tea. I don’t like free beverage period. My imagination is really wild on this stuff.


Very affordable. Nailaholics offer 30-minute massage worth P300. I got my 90-minute massage for P550. And of course, a massage from a spa is different from a massage from a nail salon, in my opinion. Think, comparative advantage.

A few points for improvement:

a. Oil the door hinges for the full body massage room. I kept drifting in and out of my massage bliss because the door creaked whenever someone entered.

b. Sound proof the cubicles. That, or gag clients who SNORE or SNORT like pigs. Also a good idea to shut reception/lobby conversations out. Now i wonder what kind of dividers they used…it must be paper thin. It was “noisy” for a spa.

c. Fix the lighting. Before and after the massage, clients need to disrobe and robe, attendants open the lights or risk clients getting their shirts inside out or something. Problem was, the lighting spilled over to all the cubicles and the ambient lights and “milky way” mood went poof. Actually, the glow in the dark stars didn’t make it a milky way experience as advertised on the flyer.

d. Buy spa music … Water, splashes, breeze, trees, chirps… Not instrumental pop/jazz.

e. Tell the receptionist not too push clients to get prepaid services. It is irritating or maybe i am just not the kind who likes to be pushed.

f. Place a sign near the Visa or Mastercard logo saying…applicable for a min of P1,000. Nailaholics, Bench Fix, Max’s and Hotel Line accepted my card for lower amounts … iSPA should contemplate on doing so too. Glad i had extra cash yesterday or i’d be in big trouble.

g. Remind attendants to have some finesse in waiting for their tips. I saw my attendant snooping 2x from their waiting area while i fished for payment/tip in my bag. And gosh, she didn’t have to hang around to be noticed. I am a generous tipper and i seek out my attendants before I leave … do not advertise yourself. it is pathetic. Oh yeah…and i don’t really like to be pushed.

Overall, i would likely go back — request for a cubicle farthest from the door and bring cash.

By the way, not the attendant’s fault because i love hard massages…only, I feel like a jellyfish today…sore..deliciously sore.



2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Massage Addict

    1. i didnt get her name. she was overall nice except for that tipping thing. personal pet peeve ko yung ganun because i am a good tipper. ayaw ko lang parang prinepressure ako. hahaha. why?

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