Special Little Something from Jollibee SLEX

Jollibee is Jollibee is Jollibee.

I don’t know if there’s something in their menu that I haven’t tried yet being a customer since I can afford to pay for resto meals and can commute by myself — try college.

There are few and little menu tweaking over the years. Just saying…I still don’t like their sundae (it’s like eating frozen condensed milk), their hamburger and spaghetti (too sweet for a hamburger and spaghetti) but I am a huge fan of their corned beef breakfast meal and their palabok.

Also , there are some significant changes in the look, packaging, advertising etc., or what we call branding as a whole, over the years. But, Jollibee has offered little surprise until today.

Maybe this is not done by all Jollibee outlets but the one of Caltex at SLEX – first gas station after exiting the Sta. Rosa toll — surprised me with a small something upon ordering take out. So trivial by measure but the effort touched me. More than the free newspapers.A small paper which has a quote for the day. 🙂

Quoty Quote!
Quoty Quote!

Incidentally, Jollibee is celebrating its 35th anniversary and has a promo.

Sunshiny Day
Sunshiny Day

I may not be a hardcore Jollibee fan but I am proud how far this true-blue Filipino company has gone given the number of local and international fast food chains around.

Have a happy 35th year and more power! 🙂


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