Candy Crush

Candy Crush -- So yummy to look at!
Candy Crush — So yummy to look at!

I have been a fan of word games since I don’t know when. Boggle, Scrabble, Word Mix, Crosswords etc. I dig these things. Recently, out of curiousity, I checked out Candy Crush.

The Candy Crush sounds a little too elementary for me. I mean, Candy = Kids. It was a breeze going from Levels 1 to 22, except for a few minor bumps in levels where I had to flush out ingredients like cherries and onions. I thought that was the hardest until I came into Level 23. I have been stuck in this level since yesterday. And while I promised not to buy for extra lives, I did last night because I wanted to bust all the jelly. In case you haven’t played it, you’ll get 5 lives and you give up one when you fail to advance to the next level. To get more lives, you can wait for approximately 30 minutes for 1 life or buy 5 lives (a full set) for US$0.99.

Why am I hooked?

1. Colors. Who wouldn’t be attracted to all the pinks, lavenders, oranges and yellows.

2. Patterns and Textures. Sometimes you get candies in stripes and sometimes in plastic bubbles. At time you get a special chocolate which you can shift with a candy and crush all similar candies. (don’t worry if you can’t understand, just try to play the game so you’ll get it)

3. Sounds. This is really creepy but I love the sound when I crush candies or when I crush special candies. Such a natural high.

4. Challenge. From easy to difficult. By the time you get into level 10 or 20, you wouldn’t want to give up the challenge of reaching the end of the candy crush saga. I don’t know how long this game is but from the word saga … that would be a long time.

5. Break. Playing this game provides me with a decent break from work or monotony of life in general. Last night, it provided distraction from my hubby with whom I was so pissed off. 🙂

The downside to this addicting game is that, just like any business, it lures you to buy things. These include extra special chocolates, triple points, additional time or lives. I never thought I would succumb to buying but I did because I was so itching to hurdle Level 23.

Bad! And yes, the extra lives didn’t work. i’m still stuck at Level 23. Dammit.


2 thoughts on “Candy Crush

  1. I thought onion too, until my mum pointed out that candy doesn’t have onions LOL they’re actually nuts

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