Goodbye to Candy Crush

My journey with Candy Crush officially ends at Level 35. After this level, the developers got a little pushy and, believe me, I hate to be pushed. Or, to articulate it better…i hate to be manipulated. Wondering what irked me? This message …

you wish!
you wish!

Neither am I allowing an application to access my friends via facabook — because I, myself, hate receiving invitations for games — nor am I buying anything just to bust candies. Sure I spent US$0.99 for some extra lives at Level 23, but that was it.

I’ll rather buy the real candies. Cavendish and Harvey, anyone?

Oh, before I totally move on from this candy crush thing … some tips …

1. Don’t buy anything. You don’t need special lives or boosters to move on to the next level. Just be patient.

2. If you are pressed for moves … make every move count. You may get excited about crushing candies especially if the move is screaming obvious…but ask yourself, would the move help you with your goal like in bringing down the cherries or busting the jellies? If not, then don’t waste your move.

3. Set up candies so you’ll get the striped or bubble wrapped ones. Much better if you get the chocolate. 4 candies of the same kind = striped candy, T o L shaped candies of the same kind = bubble wrapped candies, 5 candies of the same kind = chocolate.

4. Do not be too excited to use your special candies, wait for the opportune moment. That is, wait for that one move that will give you maximum jelly or candy busts.

Good luck. 🙂


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