Famous Belgian Waffles

What was left of my Banana Hazelnut! Nomnomnom
What was left of my Banana Hazelnut! Nomnomnom

Newest discovery at Festival Mall — although I’m not sure if it’s relatively new in the area since I don’t go to Festival Mall that much — is the Famous Belgian Waffles (FBW). Its area is just about 2×2 sqm with 3 or 4 stools for dine in. It is located at the 2nd Floor of the mall near Florsheim.

My first encounter with FBW was memorable. That time, I was wandering around the mall with no specific purpose in mind until I smelled freshly cooked waffles. The mouthwatering smell literally drew me in like a magnet. It was pretty funny because it was like one of those movies with a simple plot: boy sees a girl, can’t take his eyes off her and then he got hit by a trailer truck. Seriously, I almost bumped into someone who was going opposite where I was going. This someone, thank God, is a close friend and officemate.

Where do you buy this thingy?
Where do you buy this thingy?

Despite this movie-ish experience, I never got around to tasting the FBW waffle because there was never a time I went there that people weren’t swarming the place.

Yesterday, however, my patience level was brimming so I decided to order a waffle and come back for it after I finished my errands in the mall. That strategy paid off because 15 minutes later, I got my crunchy waffle with banana and hazelnut. πŸ™‚ Wow. Y.U.M.M.Y. and reasonably priced too. πŸ™‚

Competitively Priced too!
Competitively Priced too!

But — uh oh, here comes the “but” again — today I came back but my satisfaction was down a notch because the texture of the waffle was kind of soft — almost soggy. I would have preferred it crispy and toasted. But hey, it was still yummy.

Slicing some bananas for my Banana Hazelnut Waffle!
Slicing some bananas for my Banana Hazelnut Waffle!

The members of the crew were nice. They entertained my questions about franchise, how much sugar in the batter as the waffle is kindda sweet and stuff. Plus, they allowed me to take some pictures. πŸ™‚

Final point. I love the brand name. FAMOUS BELGIAN WAFFLES sort of carries an opinion. It’s not just Belgian Waffles it is Famous. πŸ™‚ I mean, if someone asks you where did you eat? You’d go…at the Famous Belgian Waffles. Now, isn’t that an endorsement or what?

Update: For franchise details, you may visit this site http://www.famousbelgianwaffles.net/


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