Hurt By A Popcorn Tub

There was a time when popcorn was the hit — like what milk tea is now. This was about 3 or 4 years ago. But, the ultimate local standout was and still is Chef Tony’s. Sure it is no Garrett but it would do considering there no Garretts around, at least where I live and where I work.

Here's to wipe off the crumbs ... Garrett popcorns are so awesome!
Here’s to wipe off the crumbs … Garrett popcorns are so awesome!

Chef Tony’s popcorn has improved both in flavor and packaging. When I discovered this 3 years ago, I can only remember its Original and Caramel flavors. Now, it has more fancy flavors like Parmesan, Pesto and Mochachino with Whole Almonds. The packaging also has become more fancy. In fact, at first glance, you might think it is an imported product but NO it is proudly Philippine made.

tub of happiness
tub of happiness

I love the new flavors as well as the edginess they put to the otherwise boring popcorn but I can’t say the same for the new tub. Okay, given that first rate popcorn needs a container which is both tamper proof and vouches for freshness … I still feel frustrated whenever I try opening a tub of Chef Tony’s. Imagine yourself drooling at the thought of that first crunch but the first order of the day is to battle with a plastic tub that could very well be Godzilla. Seriously, I have wrangled with it in so many ways but ended up soliciting help from someone else.

The last time I got myself a Chef Tony’s, it was unfortunate that my hubby wasn’t around to help me out. A good 10 minutes (or more) of wrestling with it and a chipped nail later, I was able to get my hands on that mochachino bit.


2 cents: Food packaging especially those for simple food products shouldn’t be a pain for consumers. I am sure there are others who have difficulty in opening a tub. That said, Chef Tony’s probably need to rethink its packaging. It is not friendly. In my case, it is even a health hazard.

Check this out and weep with yumminess:


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