I went to the Nailaholics for a very much needed pedicure. My last visit was almost a month ago and with my wedding anniversary in 4 days .. I was in need of serious “kikay time”. 🙂

1. Buyers Beware. I dropped by Nailaholics in Nuvali and planned to have the Water Drift Foot Spa that is worth P420, according to their flyer. Although, the desk clerk told me they hiked the price to P520 when I was already seated — with legs up — in one of their couches. I just thought they should shred all the unupdate flyers which still lie on their counter.

Unupdated Flyer
Unupdated Flyer

2. Too Good To Be True. I was told I could opt for the promo package which consists of: Pedicure, Manicure, Foot Spa and 20 minutes of Foot Massage all for P850. This appealed to me because of the savings — only, now that I had time to sit down and calculate that I realized that the savings was just about P50, more or less. In my case, I didn’t think I saved anything at all because the massage wasn’t even 20 minutes.

left leg deadsea salt scrub
left leg deadsea salt scrub
right leg deadsea salt
right leg deadsea salt

3. Needs An Encore. The Water Drift Spa uses dead sea salt scrub for legs (knee down) – this takes about 10 mins max to scrub off. Head to head, I actually prefer CANS’s (California Nails Spa) Signature Foot Spa because they use a sloughing scrub thingy that takes about 20 mins or more to scrub off. My legs actually feel so squeaky clean and dead-skin free after. I didn’t have that feeling with Nailaholics, sorry.

4. Plus plus. An additional P40 is charged for polish for fingernails OR toenails, doubles to P80, of course, if you’ll have polish for both fingernails and toenails. I don’t know if I remember this right but CANS charges only P20. But, since I was already paying P850, P40 or P20 seemed a non-issue.

On the plus side, I love the following about Nailaholics:

1. Ambiance. Since I am a fan of the beach, I find the beach theme cute.

2. Comfort. The spacious and deep couches plus pillows are very comfy. Combined with the blues, greens and teals, one can can feel very relaxed. New walk-ins are given 2 pillows and once service is done the attendants clear off the pillows. ALTHOUGH, I don’t know how “fresh” these pillows are. I am not sure if the cases are changed after each customer. So, I am not really gung-ho about using the pillows.

3. Personnel. My attendant was so nice. She was so patient with my indecision about what color of nail polish to put on. Although, I honestly think she shortchanged me in the foot massage part. Just to be fair, I didn’t time the massage thing per se. But, I have a good sense of time to know that the massage lasted shorter than 20 minutes. The other customer who started earlier than me had not even finished the foot massage and I was there already in the next phase of the process. So, it’s either my attendant gave me a short massage or the other attendant gave the other customer a longer massage.

Bottomline, I got my nails cleaned and polished. Black for my fingernails and periwinkle-ish for my toenails. Not happy with the promo. I think the amount of the package would just equal the amount if I got the services separately. Clever promotional ploy, at best.

gotta love my kikay nails
gotta love my kikay nails

Would I go back? Only because there is no other choice in Nuvali but if I have the time, it will be CANS. Even the waxing area in CANS is better — spacious and well-lit.

There is only one aspect where Nailaholics is better than CANS, in my opinion. Nailaholics doesn’t have the overpowering smell of acrylic. Although, despite being bad for my health, I love the smell of acrylic — same as the intoxicating smell of rugby.


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