Cheating on Candy Crush

waiting out the 385 more minutes to next life...
waiting out the 385 more minutes to next life…
Yes, the saga continues.

I know I wrote about saying goodbye to Candy Crush but boredom got the better of me one time so I decided to continue the journey. And yes, I bought tickets to proceed to the higher levels because I can’t — for the life of me — understand why my ipad can’t hook candy crush and facebook together. As a consequence, I can’t ask my FB friends for lives or tickets.

Anyway, I am on level 110 right now. The other night, I was so itching to finish a previous level so I decided to cheat. Usually, I buy extra lives but my internet was wonky so cheating was my best option.

I heard about adding lives by advancing my gadget’s DATE AND TIME. So I did. And yes, it worked. Additional 5 lives within a few clicks. I did it twice or thrice, I can’t remember.

Before I went to sleep though I decided to correct the DATE AND TIME of my gadget. Yeah, I am OC like that.

Horrors of horrors, the time to next life in my CANDY CRUSH was 2,800 minutes something something. 🙂 Say what? AGAIN. Say freaking what?

What is the moral of the story? DO NOT CHEAT — unless you can ignore the nagging incorrect date and time on your gadget.

Yesterday, I decided to pay my dues and let the countdown to life takes it course. I am happy to say that my ipad now has the correct DATE AND TIME as well as an updated TIME TO NEXT LIFE.

The OC in me can chill. 🙂


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