Terrazas de Punta Fuego and Canyon Cove

Drove to Nasugbu. Daytrip at Punta Fuego and overnight at Canon Cove.

Terrazas de Punta Fuego


Terrazas de Punta Fuego has been hyped largely because of the name and affiliation to CLUB PUNTA FUEGO. Once you enter the property, you see rolling landscapes and dream houses overlooking the deep blue sea.


1. Nice cabanas made of concrete and hardwood and furnished with very decent wooden/rattan furniture, plush cushions and throw pillows.

2. Great infinity pool with depth of about 4.5 ft and adjacent to 2 smaller pools for kids. Big and sturdy trees provide shade for swimmers. The tile color provides a picture perfect water.

3. It has a beach just in case the pool gets too crowded.

4. Resto and a juice bar. You have to take the stairs to get to the resto … about 25 to 30 steps. The cabanas, being on just one side of the resto means that the farther you are from the resto the longer you have to walk to get a drink. The Juice Bar displays are all drinks with alcohol.

5. Changing rooms come in ordinary and airconditioned types. The airconditioned changing room, Mexican-styled I think with the nice Malaga tiles — has a lounge area and lockers that one can rent for about P50/day. I didn’t use the ordinary changing rooms because, frankly, I didn’t think they were clean.

6. Shower areas are all over the place.

7. There are lifeguards by the pool.


1. I had the impression that the ordinary changing rooms weren’t clean.

2. It shares the beach with 2 other resorts — left and right.

3. Beach water was dirty and some who dared swim swore the water made them itchy.

4. The proximity to the other resort — there was just a make-shift fence that divided Terrazas with the adjacent resorts. People from the other resorts can crossover to Terrazas. And there I was thinking it was all so private.

5. Its share of the beach is too short.

Canyon Cove


1. Really big pool divided into 2. One with depth of 4.75 ft and shallower one for the kids.

2. Clean beach — shore and water.

3. Longer shoreline.

4. Very private as there are no adjacent resorts. Thank God!

5. Grill Resto right by the pool and beach where you can order anything grilled and where sodas and water are for sale. Very short walk from all cabanas.

6. Cabanas have water proof furnishings — metal and plastic.

7. One changing room near the swimming area — can’t say much cause i didn’t go there.

8. Has a hotel where you can stay overnight.

9. Restaurant operated by Max.

10. Shower areas everywhere.

11. Lots of lifeguards by the pool — who also police those people who are not wearing proper swimming attire.

12. Rooms have an extra bed where 2 kids less than age 10 would probably fit. The bathroom is large and done in marble. There are toiletries — never mind the brand. Great shower pressure too.

13. Beach/pool towels are available for borrowing.

14. Lots of lounge chairs by the pool area! 🙂


1. Pool has next-to-nothing shade. There were 2 islands with a very tall palm tree each. You have to position yourself “strategically” to get some of that shade.

2. The breakfast buffet, priced at P350/pax, leaves a lot to be desired. There were fried rice, plain rice, tuna flakes, longganisa, pork adobo, scrambled egg. There was a cereal corner — 2 kinds of cereals. There wa a beverage corner — coffee and tea — NO JUICE. There was a fruit corner — sliced watermelon. That’s it. But I guess, you don’t need to have heavy breakfast before swimming. I dunno.

3. There were 2 companies having their summer outing in the place. By near noon, the pool were swarmed by loud people — some of them wanting to swim in basketball shorts and T-shirts. WTF!

4. The ceiling of our bathroom has molds creeping all over it. Ew.

5. Very unromantic cabanas. Unromantic but practical. 🙂


If I were to go to Nasugbu right now, I’d go to CANYON COVE. Sure it doesn’t have the Fuego name. But, one must not confuse Terrazas de Punta Fuego with Club Punta Fuego. Honestly, the Punta Fuego I had in mind was that of Club Punta Fuego. So my expectations were sky high. That said, Terrazas was a disappointment. I didn’t like the beach and the potential “crossover” from the adjacent resorts sort of freaked me out. Actually, if you were in Cabana 12 — the farthest cabana — you will be overlooking the huts of the adjacent resort — not to mention the people there. I don’t want to sound snooty but hey, you give it a Punta Fuego name … so my expectations about “privacy” and “exclusivity” were really sky high. If there was something nice about TPF, it has to be the pool. 🙂

I like Canyon Cove sans the throng of visitors. The affordability — overnight deals go for P2999 while daytrip fees (include welcome drinks, am/pm snacks and lunch) to Punta Fuego is at P1,500 — opens it to a lot of people. Large groups can potentially get rowdy and cheapen the place, somewhat. Other than that, I love the pool and I love the beach. Since my tummy is too picky …a reliable resto like Max’s surely is a big plus.

On the downside, making reservations to Canyon Cove could be hell. When I was doing reservations, their 10 contact numbers were always busy. Seriously. Almost missed the May 19 date if not for the help of Angela. The place is always booked!


ps. Both places have great employees. Very pleasant and approachable. Typical Batanguenos! 🙂


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