Frixion Pens

I am currently trying to review for an exam. I used to make reviewers — essentially taken by many as a pathetic exercise. But, this year, I thought I wouldn’t — because I realized it is indeed time consuming — so I am making notes directly on the book margins. Because my handwriting is pathetic — to start with and made worse by using PCs/keypads — I often end up botching the pages of my books. Add to the usual muddled mind so I end up writing and rewriting … and yes, it would look like doodles instead of notes.


However, the fear of messing up my expensive books — which would be my “bible” at work in the future — is not an issue anymore with my Frixion pens.

Frixion pens write like the regular pens but eraseable. How cool is that?

Here are before and after shots for the pen. 🙂



Here’s another for the highlighter.



The ink quality is that of the usual pens. It comes in ball or needlepoint. Colors are limited to black, blue and red. I would love to see the day they come in more funky colors. Yesterday, I discovered Frixion has highlighters too. I don’t know if there are other colors aside from orange and yellow. The pens are PhP 77.00 each ($1.87) while the highlighter is at PhP 40.50 ($1.0).

My experience with the pens are excellent. My book margins now contain neat handwriting and in addition to notes, I also do math solutions there knowing that I can erase everything. I am having doubts on the highlighter though. The ink is faint and one needs to apply more force in erasing than when you are using the pens. I am scared I might put holes on, tear the pages of my book or, worse, erase the print due to vigorous erasing. But, this is just my initial thoughts on the highlighter, I have yet to fully experience using it.


Two thumbs up for the pens. 🙂 BTW, this is manufactured by Pilot. 🙂


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