Disappointed with McDonalds Caltex Southbound

There are 3 gas stations along the stretch of the south luzon expressway or SLEX before my toll exit. Going south, you will pass by Shell, Petron and Caltex, in that order. Only Petron and Caltex have McDonalds. Such rotten luck to choose to drive through McDonalds Caltex instead of McDonalds Petron for a Coke Float. Floats and even sundaes seem to be always unavailable. And yes, tonight is not the first time I got disappointed. I have heard the same excuse over and over again … their sundaes have gone too soft. Since this happens over and over again…can someone fix or replace that freaking machine already?

I am totally surprised that a big company such as McDonalds cannot address the matter. I expected more from the company in terms of responsiveness.

Imagine yourself salivating over the thought of a Coke Float on a hot and humid day — which is quite often in Manila — then BAM …it is not available. And you realize the next McDonalds would be kilometers away, if there is at all.

Totally disappointing.


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