Goldilocks: Cake by the Slice

I can’t buy the whole cake because no one in the house is into sweets but me. How many times have I thrown half-consumed cakes or ice creams? Too many to count. That said, I appreciate Goldilocks’ cake by the slice or in singles, whatever!

Black Forest
Black Forest

At P85 per slice/serving (that’s roughly, US$2), it is reasonable and effective enough to quell my cravings. Contis, another source of cake by the slice, has cakes priced at this level and higher.

Fork for perspective.  Expiry date on the side.
Fork for perspective. Expiry date on the side.

Are they comparable? In my opinion, Goldilocks is more commercial than Contis. I can’t say which one is more delicious, technically. Or my palette is just not too discerning of flavors. But my own perception is that Goldilocks is regular while that of Contis is premium. In those terms alone, my brain would suggest Contis tastes better. But as I’ve said, they are just both cakes to me.

half done. look at the icing.
half done. look at the icing.

What they have in common, though, is the very thick icings on their cakes. To my estimate, the proportion of icing to the cake is somewhat 3:1. Is it more expensive to make the chiffon or the icing?

Aside from Black Forest, I think Goldilocks also have a Peach Mango Mousse variant — and it looks promising, yay! The packaging is impeccable, if you ask me. Maybe they should throw in a small fork for ease of consumption. 🙂

Overall, my singles experience was delightful.


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