Level 110 Candy Crush


Level 110 is one of those levels that appears easy but actually is not. The objective is to score 150,000 pts in just 40 moves. The level, thankfully, has no chocolates. Instead, it has the ticking bomb. So, it is not just achieving the points, you have to make sure no bomb goes off.

I received 1 star for this level and that means…I barely made it. However, I can share some tips.

1. Do not be tempted to waste your moves in crushing 3 candies. That would be one move with minimum results.

2. Aim to form the special striped, pillow and choco studded candies.

3. Be patient in using your candies, best combo: choco studded + choco studded, choco studded + striped candy.

4. If for instance you intend to switch a choco studded candy and a red striped candy, make sure that there are other red candies on the board for more points.

5. Address ticking bombs immediately. I mean, immediately cause you’ll either forget it or fail to crush it.

6. Prepare to sacrifice. This would be applicable for ticking bombs especially. Sometimes, the bomb is so isolated from its kind where your only option is to use the precious choco studded candy, if you luckily have it on stand by, and switch it with the same type as that of the bomb. Otherwise, prepare to end the game.

7. When you are down to the last few moves and you have a bomb, you can totally ignore the bomb if your total remaining moves is equal or less than the number of time in the bomb. Use your move to score and leave the bomb be cause the result would just be one of this 2: you run put of moves before you heat the score or you finish the level. T

Hope this helps.



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