KFC Festival Mall

I was neck deep with work the whole day I actually didn’t have a decent lunch. By 5pm I decided to go home knowing that I had to grab some cat food from the grocery and dinner too.

My husband is away today on field work and as is usual to cheer myself up I wanted something from Sbarro. However, from the grocery, Sbarro is 2 floors up and about 300 steps. Since I planned to be home before the sun is totally out, I decided to trade down to Kentucky which was a lot nearer. I thought I could shave a good 30 minutes doing so.

Craving for pasta, I ordered a ham & cheese pasta bowl. After I paid for my purchase, I was given a number and was instructed to go to the claim area. I thought it was creepy that the orders of the person next to me got released first. I was right. After a few whispers and some shuffling, a girl behind the releasing counter asked me if I was willing to wait for 20 minutes for my pasta. NO, I replied. Do I want Creamy Tomato Instead of Ham & Cheese. Like duh, NO. I would have ordered Creamy Tomato straightaway if I wanted that.

To cut their dilemma short, I just asked a friggin’ refund of my money … Obviously, they can’t refund my time! Another girl got my receipt for refund but she took so long, by my standards, to get back to me that I decided to follow where she went. There she was without an air of urgency waiting for the guy at the counter to finish an ongoing transaction when there was another counter open that could have processed my refund transaction. Maybe the manager, who was just a foot away from that girl, sensed my growing impatience that she intervened. She processed my transaction in another counter and apologized — but sorry lady, I had a rough and tough day so don’t expect me to be excited about your sorry.

SORRY is you being a better manager and that includes making sure that when your cashier accepts payment for something, your kitchen people can deliver. Otherwise, you’ll just get an irate client who will be getting more irate by the second when your staff thinks it is okay for irate clients to wait even more. It is mind boggling that service was slow when there weren’t that many customers. Just to digress a bit, this KFC branch is usually packed with people until Burger King opened recently — just a store away. When I passed by on my way to Sbarro (after the incident, I was in dire need of cheering up) the queue at BK was way longer compared to that at KFC.

For sure, if I find myself queuing at BK, it is not because I am obsessed about BK, it would probably because KFC customer conservation practice sucks. Boo.


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