Japanese People

So I arrived in Japan last Tuesday morning. That would make today my 6th day in Japan.

I have a lot to post about this visit and I intend to do it in chunks so as not to overwhelm readers.

This first blog is about Japanese people.

I am a Filipina. If you know world history, you’ll know that Filipinos suffered in the hands of the Japanese during world war 2. There was hunger, abuse, maltreatment and deaths. Some older Filipinos have these dark days imprinted on their memories. Some of those who fought during the war or lived through the war have horrible memories that live in their subconscious and surface out through nightmares once in a while. Some of them must have ingrained dislike of the Japanese and, yes, they have the right to. I totally respect that.

I was born 30 years after the war, more or less. All I know of Japan is Voltes V — of course, that is aside from the war topics in history class.

With all due respect to the men and women who were traumatized by the Japanese in the 40s, let me say that, based on my visit, Japanese people are very nice. In the past few days, I have sought assistance from them and they really tried their best to help me. But, the language gets in the way. Most of them speak very little English. Sometimes I think they get equally frustrated as I am when they can’t articulate what they want to say. Seriously, I felt their sincerity. But, no worries, I survived through drawing or pointing like show and tell sessions.


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