Sisa’s Secret

Another reliable restaurant. It is a sister resto of the famous Crisostomo that is located in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. The food is Filipino without the fancy names like Ensaladang Erehe. It is just ensaladang mangga.

Do not expect a Crisostomo atmosphere. This is more canteen-like. About 10 tables that would accommodate about 4 person each. The rates are a tad lower than Crisostomo but none the lesser in terms of flavor if the tokwa’t baboy that I ordered is any indication. Yummy!

There is a Florabel corner in the resto which sells light eats…like cakes, salad, home made ice cream etc. There are also bottled food like crab paste and tuyo fillets. There are also frozen foods like lasagna. 🙂

Now, this one I don’t understand…there are a hodgepodge of imported snacks being sold like Jacobs saltines, ritz bits, oreos etc. like a sari sari store in Another corner. I don’t have a pic of it though.

Also, it is just weird to see canteen food containers. It is kinda tacky.

Sisa’s is located at the Caltex Station in Mamplasan along SLEX southbound. 🙂 Enjoy the pics.










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