Greenwich Delivery 5-5-5-5-5

So I had pizza delivered last Sunday to my Mom’s with special instructions that all the ham and bacon in the party Ultimate Hawaiian Overload will be placed on the 1/4 portion of the pizza. This was because several members of my family are Muslims; hence, do not pork.

Lo and behold when the pizza arrived, the ham and bacon were covering 1/2 of the pizza leaving just half for my the Muslim relatives, one of whom eats pizza like a ninja turtle i.e. He gorges pizza. I initially asked the delivery guy to replace it but when I saw my nephew go #facepalm knowing replacement would probably mean waiting for another half hour more or less, I took the pizza as is.

After several minutes, I got a call from the manager of the Greenwich store from which the pizza was delivered. She was very apologetic and rightfully so given that my instructions were written clearly on the receipt. As a gesture of goodwill, the manager sent me a double garden fresh pizza.

That was actually the second time I totally forgot my ire about something that would have normally sent me through the roof. The first one being: finding a hair in my pasta at Cibo. If I remembered correctly, Cibo didn’t charge me for that pasta and gave me a cake too as goodwill.

So yeah, I am impressed with how a booboo had been handled. Good job Greenwich!


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