Visiting Enchanted Kingdom

It is definitely no Universal Studios or Disney Land. But Enchanted Kingdom or EK seems to be the best theme park in this side of the planet. The entrance is P600 with a discount of P150 for students who present school IDs.  Senior citizens and persons with disabilities also enjoy 50% off the regular price. For other details like promos, park schedules, rates and all …  check their website at

Visit. From experience, the best day to go to EK is December 24. There will be less than a thousand visitors (more or less) which means there would be shorter lines for rides. In theme parks, the day you choose to visit spells the amount of time you’ll spend lining up.

Lines. So how short are the lines gonna be? My experience last December 24 … the lines were short enough that I got to ride the bump car (i.e. Dodgem) 3 consecutive times, rollercoaster for 2 consecutive times and the equally popular Rio Grande for 2 consecutive times. I was next in line for the 4D show and the Disk-o-Magic and I was mmediately bunked into gondola no. 26 for Wheel of Fate and Flying Fiesta. Perhaps the longest waiting line was with Swan Lake. EK management should improve the turnover time for this ride. The waiting time is simply ridiculous even with a short line. 

Amusement. For those who are not into rides, there are food stops and various games to try and enjoy. Prepare P50 for each try at the games. While you can probably buy the prizes at much lower prices, spending P50 is more about the process (and fun) than getting the prize.

There are various kioks for hotdogs, pizzas, tacos and drinks. The food court has dairy queen, karate kid and pizza hut … the most notable at least. Prices are pretty steep so those who are in a budget can just bring food and leave them in their cars (if they have one) and go out of the park for a bite break. Please be careful about eating food left in the car though. There are no covered parking area so your car will surely be parked under the scorching sun. Too much heat can spoil your food and give you a bad tummy ache. 

By the way, there is ample parking. The fee is about P30 for the whole day.

Bathroom. I visited just one bathroom and the experience was good. Not pleasant. While there was a cleaning lady on standby, there were too many people going in and out. These people apparently had different ways to use the bathroom so I will be forgiving about the wet floor and the unflushed toilets. 

Special rides. There are 2 rides in EK which are sure to get you wet — the Log Jam (a little) and the Rio Grande (a lot). There are 2 options for those who are not able to bring any spare clothes … 1) buy clothes from several shops around the park or 2) shell out P150 for a quick use of their drying pods. Given the steep pod fees … it is probably wiser to shell out a little more … at least you’ll get dry and have a shirt-&-short souvenir to boot.

Other rides. I had been to EK for quite a number of times. For so long, the feature at Rialto was White Lightning. While this was enjoyable, I welcome the change in feature to Ice Age. Finally.

Warnings.  Don’t damage the polarized glasses loaned during the Rialto ride or the 4D show unless you are prepared to pay P300. There is also an additional fee of P50 for the 4D show. Students who got the promo rate by showing their IDS at the entrance need not pay this additional fee.

Lockers. There are lockers available for rent so to those who are not really fond of lugging their bags along, you can get a locker for a minimal fee.

Hope this helps! Have fun.


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