Jollibee Caltex Station Balibago

The other week my husband bought take out meals from Jollibee for breakfast. As usual, I asked for the corned beef meal, which is my favorite. Unfortunately, my husband and I both found out when he got home that instead of corned beef — Jollibee gave out a sausage meal.

My husband offered to take the meal back to the store but I decided to just try the sausage since we were both hungry. I think it was close to lunch already and there we were just about to have breakfast.

So I did try. While Jollibee is my favorite bee … their sausage meal was blah. I even had to spit the bite I tried. The texture was ew and the taste was ew-er.

The following week, my husband bought again from Jollibee and ordered the usual corned beef for me. Only that time, he pointed out to the cashier the error the previous week (i.e. we got a sausage instead of a corned beef meal). Jollibee was nice enough to include another free corned beef meal to make up for the mix up.

It was a nice gesture. And while I thank Jollibee for it … I still wouldn’t effin try their sausage again.


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