Promo at David’s Balibago, Sta. Rosa. Is it?

The other week I had a much needed hair treatment at David’s. The original quote was P2,995 which was pretty steep and led me to consider cheaper and do-it-yourself treatments. But I got a bigger scare while scouting for boxed treatments as they all have hydrogen peroxide which is damaging to hair. The long and short of it, I still ended up at Davids. Fortunately, the price was reduced to P2,295 after I removed my ponytail and the senior discovered my hair wasn’t that long. It went further down to P1,950.75 because they had a “15% promo off treatments”. Great, huh?

After 2 hours, my hair treatment was done.  I got a jolt when my total bill amounted to P2,110.75 cause I was charged P160 for a CSB which was for conditioner, shampoo and blower. HHhhhmmm, fishy.

Without the promo, I used to pay for P2,295, that already included shampoo and conditioner before the treatment and another round of shampoo and conditioner plus blower after.

With the promo, however, the assistant didn’t give me a pre hair treatment shampoo and conditioner. Just went straight to the hair treatment. Then, they charged me for a CSB separately from the hair treatment which was usually included in the whole price of P2,295.

So, if you really get down to it, there is no promo at all.

Usual:   P2,295 -price includes hair/conditioner, hair treatment, hair/conditioner/blower

Promo: P1,950.75 – price includes hair treatment only. P160 – price of hair/conditioner/blower. P184.25 – difference between P2,295 – P1,950.75 – P160.00. This would have been the price to cover the hair/conditioner pre hair  treatment.

Looking at it, I would have probably saved less than P100, if at all. 

Let me say this straight, I am not complaining about the service rendered because by golly I love my hair now … but I am complaining on the misleading promo. 

Sneaky and subtle. Who you kidding?




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