Citibank Waiver of Annual Fee

I have been a holder of Citibank credit cards for a long time. I actually have 3 cards with Citi — now reduced to 2 because Citi is collapsing 2 cards into 1 called Citi Rewards.

The other day I got my bill for 1 of my cards amounting to P1,800. They actually discounted P300++ from it. Despite the discount and despite the persistent unpaid balance , I decided to try to request for a waiver. Although, I must say I am actually prepared to hear a NO. As in my previous post, banks know when to give allowances and when not to. My case was not promising.

To my surprise, however, my request for waiver via their 995-9999 line had been painless. No pleas. No nothing. The Customer Service Assistant just waived my fees.

I am impressed. It is nice to bank with “big international banks”. Seriously.


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