Sta. Rosa Medical Center

Two years ago, I got scratched by my cat. I went to Sta. Rosa Medical Center and was turned away because they didn’t have the medicines. There were many cases of bites and scratches apparently and stock couldn’t keep up.

Last week, I got a nasty scratch again. I went again to SRMC hoping that I would be lucky this time. The next best thing for my scratch is 18 kms away so I was praying against hope that medicines will be available this time.

There was a helpful attendant at the ER, who despite my request to make sure there are medicines available before we go through all the paperworks and interview, went with the whole damn dance anyway. She said that I needed 2 kinds of meds but, unfortunately, they only have 1 so I needed to get that one from another hospital. I said I’d rather go straight to another hospital who could administer both. But she told me she’d ask a doctor to check up on me to know if the available medicine was enough for the scratch. This raised my hopes up. After a few minutes of waiting, she came back saying sorry that the doctor wouldn’t be able to see me because there was a stroke patient that came in that needed attention. I asked if there were other doctors. Yes, she said, there were but not for my kind of concern. I needed one for infectious diseases. Hmmm…it was just a frigging scratch.

This is the clincher…she wanted me to sign a document saying…OPTED TO GO TO ABC (anima bite center, i guess). To which I responded, “I didn’t opt…you don’t have medicines and you don’t have a doctor”. So, when she egged me to sign the doc, I had to write what I said for the record.

I wonder what kind of hospital is this … No available doctors, no available medicines. On two counts.

I am so disappointed.


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