Canyon Cove at MetroDeal with Reservations by IndoChina

I enjoyed my Canyon Cove experience last year and decided to buy another coupon, priced at 2,999, at Metro Deal last week. I was hoping I could make a reservation on the day of our outing on March 29.

It turned out that the coupon specifies that I have to make reservations via IndoChina. And yes, this sucks. Apparently, IndoChina is given room and date allotments. I am sure they get very limited, if at all, rooms and dates while the coveted ones remain with Canyon Cove. A month to go and people at IndoChina tells me there is no room available on the date I want.

Get this, when I called Canyon Cove, they have made tentative reservations for me although at a price of 5,800. Note that this would be a totally different transaction from the coupon. I cannot add 2,800 to the coupon to get this 5,800 room. The coupon is a sunk cost so to speak.

I am waiting for a positive feedback from Angela of Canyon Cove regarding if she was successful to negotiate with IndoChina a reconsideration of my request. Angela played real angel to me last year when she was able to squeeze my room reservation. I am sure she can do it again. 🙂

I am making a mental note not to deal with IndoChina. They seem inflexible to me. The person I emailed at IndoChina even told me that I should have read the terms of the coupon (no returns) and made sure there were available dates before I bought. I would have appreciated some dash of tact. It is really …buyers beware in their case.

Here’s positive thinking…I will get a nice room on my preferred date of March 29. 🙂

Reprise: April 14. I didn’t get the reservation for the day I want. Actually, I didn’t make any follow ups anymore cause I thought going there in a leaner season would be better like December or January. It would probably be crowded this summer, anyway.


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