Georgetown Cupcakes/DC Cupcakes

DC shop
DC shop

Who haven’t heard about the show DC Cupcakes? I am sure most of us have. The show follows the challenges of two (2) sisters who resigned from their corporate jobs and put up their business of baking cupcakes. They own a quaint little shop in DC (and some other places too) called Georgetown Cupcakes. Their shop colors are white, pink and black. Each episode showcases how the sisters meet custom /special orders from clients for debuts, weddings, corporate or religious, club, school events etc.

The sisters!
The sisters!

I am not really obsessed with this show. I just watch it when I catch it and when there is no better show on TV (e.g. NBA, CSI, Grimm etc.). I find the show worth watching if only for the gorgeous cupcakes, the backroom scenes (i.e. baking and experimenting with ingredients) and the interaction between and among the sisters, their mother, in-laws, workers and customers. Even their colors are easy on the eyes. So don’t blame me. BUT (okay, here comes the damn but), there are a few issues that bug me.

Quaint, isn't it?
Quaint, isn’t it?

First, they bake without hairnets and mouth masks. I don’t really know if the absence of such items is for “poetic justice” because it is mighty difficult to make a show where your main characters are obscured and deformed by hairnets and mouth masks. But, these 2 sisters surely need a hairbrush. Their hair are loosely held. They talk endlessly above exposed cupcakes ready to be sold. Anyone ever heard of the word sanitary? Seriously, I love how the way their cupcakes look but I’ll think twice about putting any of that saliva-sprinkled and probably hair-laden cupcake. Ew big time.

Second, I find their approach to meeting custom orders very much like how I would approach a high school project. Maybe there is really nothing into it but their challenges are being met sometimes by sheer luck. How many times have I seen them struggling with making the base structure on which to attach the cupcakes? Too many to count. Perhaps, the only technical thing about their process is the grid print out (think crossstitch pattern) they have to guide them where to place what cupcake.

Third, they load the custom orders on the floor at the back of a van (just a typical van that could be used for private purposes). — yes, where the gorgeous cupcakes are just a few inches away from the shoes of whoever it is making sure the cupcakes don’t slide forwards, backwards or sideways while in transit. My imagine runs wild on where those shoes had been… like in a cheap bar’s comfort room, maybe? Major ick! For a business their size, I expect that they should already have a van especially for transporting such custom orders.

Overall, nice show, gorgeous cupcakes (i can’t stress that enough) but eating them is another matter altogether. 🙂


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