Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare

After years and years of trying, I was finally able to secure piso fares for HK in November. πŸ™‚ But, the elation died after seeing the final bill which includes all taxes, charges and additional things (i.e. check in baggage fee and seat reservations). For 2 adults (i.e. me and my husband), our bill is P9,200++. Can you imagine how much more we’ll spend if I didn’t get the tickets at Piso?

I called my ever reliable travel agent and I asked for their regular individual Cebu Pac and PAL fares to HK. For CEB, the cost would be around P12,900++. PAL would cost about US$265. So, getting 2 tickets for P9,200++ is practically a steal.

It would be a birthday treat of sort for my husband who would be celebrating his birthday in November. My only problem from now til then would be to book for a hotel. I actually am controlling myself to make an itinerary as it seems so early and I don’t want to appear excited. πŸ™‚ Haha.

I heard the weather in HK in November is rather cool, if not chilly, cause it would be autumn. So, i think we’ll have a fantastic time. My previous visits to HK had always been summer (July/August) because of the huge sales. It was always hot and freaking humid. So a cooler weather of about 10 to 20 degrees would be fine with me.

I think I wouldn’t shop that much although travel sites say there are plenty of sales at that of the year in view of the holidays. Who knows? The fact is, I paid for a check in baggage just in case I got carried away shopping. Hahahaha. πŸ™‚ For sure, my first stop would be Sasa because I just so love perfumes!!


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