Halo Halo!

It is summer and heat is scorching on this side of the planet.

While I am scaling down on my sugar intake, I can’t help but to crave for halo-halo.

Usual Halo Halo
Usual Halo Halo

For the benefit of foreign readers…halo-halo is a local refreshment usually made of sweetened black beans,sweet potato, plantains, white beans, jackfruit, shredded coconut, leche flan (custard), ube (purple yam), jelly topped with crushed ice, milk and ice cream. All these flavors kinda burst in a glorious feast as soon as they hit your palate.

Anatomy of a Halo Halo (photo from www.aquietnerdything.com)
Anatomy of a Halo Halo – Another Version
(photo from http://www.aquietnerdything.com)

This summer, I sampled halo-halo at 3 places, namely: Sisa’s Secret, Tokyo Tokyo (they call it snow ice) and Mang Inasal. Here are my thoughts:

Sisa’s: They sell a serving of halo halo for about P70 to P80. I had high expectations from this resto because it is owned by a chef and the price is quite steep. But, I must say that I was so disappointed. There were few ingredients to start with and the halo halo tasted really ordinary for an extraordinary price.

Tokyo Tokyo: They sell what they call snow ice. They have slabs of ice mixed with milk of sorts, crushed very finely and topped with the usual halo halo ingredients. The ube and the leche flan were tasteless. But the crushed ice was melt in your mouth and enjoyable. It costs P85.

Mang Inasal: Now this is a surprise. Among the 3, this was kind of low end and I had never eaten at this place until the other day after my dance class because I was in need of sugar. My other choice was hot fudge from mcdonald’s which I know is too sugar-laden. Okay, I need sugar but not that much sugar. Just thinking of it feels like committing a major sin. Anyway, I was expecting the worst from Mang Inasal but (here comes a most wonderful but) I was totally surprised to find out generous amount of ingredients and it was yum. It was worth the P69 pesos. I bought again last night after my Saturday dance class and I intend to buy again later after I’m done redecorating my green room. 🙂

Moral of the story: Expensive doesn’t mean better. Do not be deceived by resto looks. Sisa’s and Tokyo looked a lot elegant versus than Mang Inasal, which actually caters to the masses, but their halo halo is big in flavor and big in savings.


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