Disappointed at Racks

Much as I’d like to eat ribs today (which I’ve been craving for) I can’t because I just finished fasting. So I just settled for some garlic scampi pasta, mac & cheese and corn & carrots which are more digestible. My bill ran up to PhP505 (about US$11 to US$15).

Excitement coursed through me while waiting for my carry out to arrive. You have to understand that I had been on juice, veggies and fruits so forgive the excitement.

But I was seriously disappointed. The pasta and mac&cheese tasted so bland. I couldn’t get a hint of flavor. And they say everything is delicious to someone who is starving. So UNTRUE!

The corn&carrots could have been more appropriately called BUTTER, corn&carrots. The veggies were swimming in butter. But at least, I can taste the butter.

I don’t eat at Racks frequently because of the steep price. The pasta costs Php295. Each of the side dish cost PhP105. But my past experiences were okay I actually didn’t hesitate to blow PhP500 today. However, I don’t think I’d visit or oder at Racks anytime in the future given this unsatisfactory experience. Here is a shot of my orders … Please take note of the sizes.


Just to give you an idea of what’s in their menu, I am attaching a rather un-updated flier from Racks I got earlier this year from one of their branches. Note that the pasta already cost PhP295 but the menu shows it is at PhP265. The side dishes, however, are still priced the same. I’ll post the latest when I get one



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