Citibank Is Still My Best Credit Card

I have a lot of credit cards. Let’s see .. I have BDO Shop Card, BPI Delta Miles, Citibank Rewards, Citibank Mercury Drug, Citibank Gold, HSBC, EAST West Mastercard, East West Visa, Metrobank Go, PSBANK Flexicard, Standard Chartered Gold, Standard Chartered Platinum, Union Bank Visa. They’re are all active but they are not maxed out. 🙂 I’ve learned my lesson well. I’ve dug myself out of debt hole and I wouldn’t dare come near to bankruptcy again…hahaha.

Why do I maintain so many cards? Hhmmm…That’s a good question. Actually each card has its own merit and please do not think that I am stupid to pay for the annual fees. I zero out my card balances so I can haggle for fee waiver when the time comes. If they do ‘t want to haggle, then I threaten to close. I always win.

Anyway, of all my cards, the easiest to use are my Citibank Cards. It is accepted worldwide, no questions asked. Customer assistants are responsive. Fee waivers are painless. Just the other day, I subjected Citibank to a test by requesting a supplementary card. The process turnaround is 7 to 10 working days.

July 3. Thursday. I made a phone call in the afternoon to ask how to go about my request for supplementary card. I got an email from them about the requirements on the same day.

July 4. Friday. I sent my requirements and requested for a possible Thursday delivery because my husband will incur a huge expense on Friday July 11. Hours later, I got a phone call from their customer service rep who validated the content of my application and instructed me to follow up on Tuesday.

July 8. Tuesday. I made a follow up. I was told the supplementary card application was approved and that I can get it somewhere between Thursday or Friday.

July 10. Thursday. I made another follow up. I was told that my application was in process and that was different from it being approved. Holy shit. No card in sight. I gave up.

July 11. Friday. The card was delivered in the morning, hours before my husband needed to swipe it!

Ain’t that neat? Thanks Citibank! Ever reliable! Although, I think they have to straighten their system somewhat as reflected by different declarations of their 2 customer service reps.

At any rate, good job Citibank, that’s 4.5 days. 🙂


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