Commercenter Cinemas: My Cinema of Choice in Alabang

I am not really a movie goer. The few times I went, it was for movies I really liked (with my favorite actors in it) and movies I deemed better to watch on widescreen (i.e. Transformers and Harry Potter). Those kind of movies come few and far between.

Because I watch only when I am quite compelled to, my movie moments are rare and I choose to make them really enjoyable. And what makes them enjoyable other than being in a great cinema? Here are my cinema criteria.

First, they have to be clean. No wet carpet smell. Seats should not have frayed covers (ew).

Second, they should be quite exclusive. Forgive me for being a little snobbish here. My experience with popular and cheaper cinemas were horrible. I had experience loud talking during the movie. I had my backseat banged by feet when the scenes were hilarious. I had seen couples make out heavily (get a room people). Worst, I had been beside someone who thought it was okay to masturbate while watching an animated movie. So, I prefer to pay the steep ticket prices rather than experience the foregoing again. They kinda ruin my movie moment.

Third, clean restrooms. Okay, I am a germophobe and nothing irks me more than a restroom which smells and are unclean. Double ew.

In Alabang, my go-to cinemas would be at the Alabang Town Center. They meet my 3 criteria. But, I have to say I am impressed by the newly opened Commercenter Cinemas.

Yes, they meet my 3 “sacred” criteria plus the added bonus of having free parking. It is really exclusive because the building is not accessible by public transportation. It is too far from the main public transport thoroughfares. They basically cater to the Ayala Alabang crowd, to the condo dwellers in the Mondrian or Levels (etc), the guests of Acacia/Bellevue Hotels and probably to employees of offices in the area.

Commercenter has four cinemas. It has one active ticket booth and another one which opens when the queue gets longer. Processing could get a little slow especially since you have to pick your seats. There is a Taters outlet for popcorn and stuff. Other than that, there are other restaurants in the building like Maple, Kulinarya, Army Navy, Yellow Cab, Mona Lisa where you could eat at before watching your movie,

A cinema would have about a 100 or so seats. Single viewing only – you have to be there exactly at the start of the screening time or be bumped down to the next screening. The restrooms are modern and clean (hurray! ). Since the cinemas just opened a month ago, people traffic is still slow. There are still a lot of empty spaces/stalls in the building. So don’t expect to do much here aside from getting visual entertainment or gastronomic satisfaction. Not much shopping (or make that, no shopping) at all.

It is located within the Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang along Commerce Ave. opposite Acacia Hotel. Visit their facebook page for movies and movie schedules.

The ticket price is currently at P231.


2 thoughts on “Commercenter Cinemas: My Cinema of Choice in Alabang

    1. Hi Ana.

      I don’t think may public transpo mismo na dumadaan sa commercenter except yung mga vans (dunno which ones though). Kung hindi van, i think you have to ride a jeep that would pass by alabang zapote road. If u r coming from metropolis (slex side) baba ka ng gas station (caltex ata to) or if you are coming from southmall area, baba ka ng home depot. Lakad towards south supermarket, to acacia hotel….cross the road…commercenter is the building behind where army navy and yellow cab restos are.

      Good luck. Ingat.

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