Belo SunExpert SPF50


I’ve never been a fan of sunblocks. I couldn’t even remember the last time I bought one. But I started summer early this year so I thought I’d need skin protection if I wanted not to slide into 50 shades of dark. 

I bought Belo SunExpert without knowing anything about it. I guess I am tired of the usual brands of Nivea, Hawaiian Tropics etc. The only thing I probably know about it is that it is from the Belo Group owned by one of the popular and trusted derma in the country, Dra. Vicky Belo.  I think I paid around P400++ for it, which is the usual price for sunblocks of this size.  

My experience with the product was great. It came with the spray type dispenser  which I prefer. It  was non-sticky (true to its claim) and it was like a watered down oil that can easily be spread on and absorbed by my skin. It didn’t give me that  Kabuki white thing common with sunblock lotions.  This is especially important when face is concerned. I had seen so many people with that white pasty look on their faces. Ugh. I also didn’t get too dark despite swimming too long under the scorching sun. And the best part, my skin had that reddish glow. Not tan but reddish. First time ever. And I LOVE IT.

I am now a fan. 🙂 


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