An Introduction: Diet Delivery Services

I have always been trying to lose a few pounds. Alright, alright, make that about 15 lbs to be exact.

I had been successful with juicing where I took only fresh fruit juices for 3 straight days. I lost 8 lbs right away. Being a little bit hungry was bearable but the hunger migraine sucked and so was the slow re-introduction of food. After juicing, it takes about 2 or 3 weeks to finally eat pork or beef again. In the meantime, you just eat soups, eggs, fruits, veggies and a little bit of seafood and chicken. If you don’t go slow, you’ll probably get major tummy ache. By the way, juicing is tiring too. You have to make sure you cleaned your fruits and the juicer too. 

I have also been attending zumba classes lately after I got bored with walking — which didn’t lead me anywhere. The problem is I am sometimes lazy especially after a very demanding day at work. I used to attend zumba 3x a week but recently I am lucky if I can attend 1, if at all. 
As a more viable alternative, I am now experimenting with diet delivery service (DDS). I live in the South so getting a DDS to deliver is very challenging. And as if that isn’t enough, getting one to agree to deliver in the morning is more difficult.

Okay, so DDS works like this. You enroll for a 5 day food delivery (i.e. Monday to Friday). DDS offer specialized meals, there are 1,200/day meals, meals with juicing component, all fish meals, protein loaded meals etc. Since there are people more concerned about losing weight, the usual choice is to get the 1,200 calories. This is usually the calories needed to fuel your body at rest. In other words, you have fuel for the basics like breathing and digesting. For all other needs like if you suddenly zumba, you dip in to your reserves — usually fats. So you lose weight. If you want to know how much calories your body needs to fuel you, just google “calculator for Basic Metabolic Rate”. A typical DDS weekly delivery for 3 meals and a snack per day is P1800 to P2200. You can deposit payments via banks, send the DDS a photo of the deposit slip and get the confirmation. Oh, of course, you give them your details like address or any food restrictions like allergies to nuts, milk etc. Some DDS adjust for free while some adjust for a fee.

What to expect: Expect small serving sizes (e.g. Half cup of rice). Expect alternative ingredients/components (e.g organic/brown rice instead of white rice). Expect a blander flavor (e.g less salt). Expect the delivery to be a little late on some days. Traffic is bad. 
Is it boring? Not really. I’ve been on DDS for 2 weeks already but I find the food, generally, okay. Sure there were some misses but the hits more than compensated. The first week, I was consistently hungry because of the drastic shift to smaller serving sizes. I was used to eating 1 to 1.5 cups of rice per meal (i.e. Breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snack on chocolate bars plus oil-laden chips. On the second week, I was more adjusted. Sure, I snuck in some extra food but that was limited to plain biscuits.

Last Friday, I have enrolled for a full month because the result has been encouraging so far. Started at about 135 lbs and after 2 weeks I am down 5 lbs with just 2 zumba sessions. I hope to lose 10 lbs within the next month. 
ps. I will try to include some photos next time. My iPad is wonky today. 


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