Writing Errors? No problem. Try the Bic Micro Tape

My writing is rarely legible. In those rare times, it requires effort. And since I think faster more than I write, I always end up with errors.  I was thankful for Frixion pens which are pens with ink that could be erased. Thank you universe. (Check out my blog on Frixion pens on this site)

But, admittedly, the ink of Frixion pens are not as sharp as the normal pens with ink that cannot be erased. The original solution was to use a correction fluid like Liquid Paper. This type would call for a layer or two (2) to be spread on the erroneous words.  But this type  of correction is  a hassle  because  the fluid takes too long to dry. Additionally, you have to contend with the marks at the back of the paper. Somehow, the ink “burns” at the back of the paper when you put a layer of correction fluid on the other side. Anyway, I have resorted to using a correction tape. 

I tried about two (2) and they had been problematic. 

1. First.   The casing broke and the mechanism inside fell apart. As a consequence, I wasn’t able to use half of the unused correction tape. 

2. Second. The next one I tried is very taxing on my grip. Imagine writing with a ballpen with a girth as thick as a cocktail hotdog — cooked? It also has a removable cap which I often lose. 

With these negative experiences, I still bought another correction tape the other day. My subconcious was probably in search of the perfect correction tape without my concious knowing. 

So there I was in front of this whole wall of  innocent looking correction tapes for sale at the local bookstore, confused. Because I was already doubtful of Chinese brands, I turned to the more known Bic brand (Bic Micro Tape). And I am thankful I did. 


Small and flat
The Bic correction tape has a built-in cap. You just twist it down to expose the tape and twist up again to cover the tape. The whole thing is handy and easy to grip. The biggest plus, it glides on paper. No bumps.

I am more confident making errors now because I know I can erase them easily. For the positives, be prepared to shell out almost P90 or about $2.  


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