BPI Delta Miles Card -Another Fee Waiver

I got my BPI credit card fairly recently. I got a whopping P20,000 credit limit (insert sarcasm here). At that time, I already had so many credits (think 10, no kidding)  with higher credit limits. But, I hang on to my BPI credit card because of the Delta miles rewards points. Not that I travel a lot, but we’ll never know. (Streak of optimism here)

Anyway, I eventually received a generous credit limit amounting to about P40,000 after a year or so then a little later on — to my surprise — it was bumped up to P240,000 and then to P270,000 shortly thereafter. (Figures are estimates but the 270,000 is for real)

This morning I got my bill from BPI stating an annual fee of P2,000. This is 30% of my total charges for this cycle. It is quite huge, relatively. So I called the 89-100 hotline to ask for a waiver. It took a solid 16.57 minutes of waiting before I got connected to a Customer Service Rep. 


The usual verification blah blah blah and then we got down to business. I requested for waiver and was given a reference number, if I ever have to follow up. The rep told me to wait 3 to 5 days for a response via SMS. 

Got pretty surprised when I received a text on the same day …


I am impressed BPI. Really impressed. With the last waiver request I had with East West bank a few months ago, I had to first meet some requirements like enroll a utility bill, avail of a balance transfer or some other bullshit. 

Kudos BPI. 👊 


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