Agoda Refund

The other day I was so excited about booking a hotel room that I totally overlooked the payment options for Pay Now or Pay Later. I usually opt for Pay Later especially since my plans are not always firm and free cancellations allow me to lock in prices now for accommodations far far later. So, anyway, the payment default in Agoda is Pay Now so my card got charged right away. That would have been okay if not for the fact that I had to cancel the booking and book another one.   How dumb. 

Although Agoda has a refund policy, I was pretty skeptical given my past experiences with refunds in general. What went running in my mind…endless phone calls, long waiting time,  no replies and the like.  Considering the amount, I  was scared. That’s US$166++ (P7,800). I was prepared for the worst.

To my surprise, however, just after 2 days, I checked my account and the charged amount was already credited back. <Insert a huge sigh of relief here>

Thanks Agoda. I am happy customer.


2 thoughts on “Agoda Refund

    1. My reply to your comment was so long. I posted it yesterday morning but upon checking now, my reply apparently didn’t get through.

      Anyway, that was the ATC branch. The building where it used to be was already torn down to give way to the new wing.

      The staff there paid me the estimated cost of the lost item. It was confirmed by the staff as lost item because I had a laundry list that I asked them to acknowledge when I dropped off my laundry,

      I never went back after that. I found another laundry shop. I’ve been a customer for a number of years. Lost items…1 blouse, 1 running shorts and 2 curtain panels. Ang sakit sa ulo.

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