Tip on Getting More From Your Starbucks Card

I got into collecting Starbucks mugs when the global coffee giant started operating in Manila way back in the 1990s. This interest soon fizzled out because, let’s face it, Starbucks mugs aren’t that cheap; not to mention that I stayed away from coffee because of my gastro issues.

Lately, however, I have rediscovered my taste for coffee, particularly the Starbucks’ fraps. A fascination with its Cards — with all the interesting designs and “limited edition” marketing kinda fueled my Saturday-after-school-let-me-have-my-venti-frap habit.

So I have been collecting the Cards and to preserve their “collectible” conditions, I transfer the loads to just one card, which gets swiped, scratched and, generally, battered.  However, doing so, have made me lose out on having the complimentary grande drink which comes with every Starbucks Card purchase. After doing this for some time, I realized it isn’t that smart. Consumer-wise, of course.

So what I do is buy a new card and register it to https://starbuckscard.ph/sbcard/index.php?/start/register using my legit email addresses as well as those of my husband’s. I wonder what I’ll do when I run out of email addresses. Suggestions?

The catch, however, is that I have to use the Card when I redeem my complimentary drink. It breaks my heart when the cashier swipes it instead of taps it. But then again, a small scratch versus a complimentary drink. Hhhmmm. As a consumer, that’s hardly a toss up. If someone knows that collectible cards are raking in so much, please let me know so it would be easier to forego the drink.

Note:  Starbucks markets the Card with a COMPLIMENTARY DRINK. What is my beef with this? I’ve grown knowing that FREE is a great word. But NO, Starbucks opts to use COMPLIMENTARY when saying FREE would essentially mean the same — read: yeah,  no cash out. People love the word FREE as much as they love the word SALE. But, Starbucks appeal to lifestyle and to the “soshal”/ “konyo” mentality in people that saying something is for FREE would make us look “trying hard” and not just quite “in”. To most consumers, using COMPLIMENTARY is appealing not just on the financial level (Yay, it is free. No cash out.) but also on the self-esteem level (Hey look, I am carrying a Starbucks drink. I can effin afford.)  In general, COMPLIMENTARY has a nicer and more sophisticated ring to it.

Just my opinion. 🙂


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