Confinement at Asian Hospital (Part 1)

I was confined at the Asian Hospital in Alabang for 4 days due to a major surgery. The bill easily ran up to over P300,000. 

But you know what, insurance or no insurance, it was worth it.

Facilities: I am a stickler for cleanliness but Asian never made me feel like I couldn’t trust sitting on their waiting chairs, using their toilets or leaning on their walls. Maybe it is also a function of the crowd who goes there. I am not sure.

Room: My Standard Private Room got the essentials — well functioning ref, phone, cable TV, an ottoman where my Dad slept and a convertible chair where my husband slept, a clean cabinet, a toilet and bath (with simple toiletries and hot and cold water for shower and faucet), a built-in window seat, a bedside cabinet, an eating table and a dresser. It was like being in a hotel minus all the medical sockets and apparatus. 

  •  Toilet Note:   There was no window but there was an exhaust. It seemed kind of dark and the tan-ish tile color was depressing. There were 3 trash cans, one for wet trash, dry trash and contagious/infectious trash. Very good.

Food: My husband said patient food was great (large portions, hot and covered, generally looked trustworthy for a picky eater like me). I was sick so my palate was probably wonky. The sight of porridge for  the 3rd day in a row made me gag, seriously. I remember asking my hubby to buy me take out from the nearby Savory at the mall, the downstairs Cafe France and Cafeteria by Chef Florabel. 

Nurses:  Asian has beautiful nurses on an 8 hour shift so for the 4 days I was there I got to meet a lot. They were all polite and patient. 3, however, stood out. 2 of the 3 had something to do with suppository duties. Hahaha. I felt so icked with the idea of pushing something down there and I doubt if I could have pushed the suppositories all the way through as prescribed so I practically swallowed my pride and asked the nurses to administer them for me. Fortunately, they did not have qualms about it. One even told me it is their job. Well, job or not, thank you.

 The last nurse on my top 3 was the one who gave me practical tips so as to avoid additional/extra charges (e.g. if you already have alcohol do not buy the hospital issued alcohol, etc.).

One nurse, however, with all her happy and welcoming smiles failed to deliver. Whether it was a function of the doctor not giving her proper instructions or advice when she relayed my concern, I don’t know. See, I messed up my pre-op medicines and meals and I asked her how to remedy the situation. She didn’t give me any so I decided on my own.  It wasn’t a big deal anyway as it turned out. I am just saying I was expecting an answer that never came. 

Other Staff:  The members of the food crew, who delivered my meals and who picked them up after, were so nice. Always smiling and always patient especially since I didn’t eat on time. I think they had to make extra trips just to get my meal tray back. Sorry for my wonky appetite boys. Sometimes, though, my meals were late. For instance, I was supposed to eat around 5am, I think, cause I was scheduled for pre-op fasting and cleansing starting 6am but my meal arrived almost 6am. Good thing that it was just clear soup. Clear — like water with a touch of green color (maybe it was veggie soup) — and icky flavor. I would have preferred tea instead. Anyways, being late didn’t matter cause it was a non-existent breakfast.

  • The bestest person in this category was the nurse assistant. She gave me a “bath” on the hospital bed the day after my surgery . Got my hair shampooed, got an upper body sponge bath and a private parts’ wash.  Thank you! Just to put this into perspective, I take a bath before I go to sleep. No matter how long my day was or sleepy or tired I was…I take a bath before sleeping and take a bath again before going to work. Being on the hospital bed was not an excuse not to take a bath or a semblance of it. So, I was thankful.

Pantry: My room was near the pantry, where watchers can wash their plates or what nots. It was also equipped with a microwave oven and there was a hot and cold drinking dispenser.

There was newspaper everyday. 😱😁


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